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SECS/GEM and PV2 Software library

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Agileo Automation SECS/GEM and PV2 library implements the following SEMI standards:

  • SEMI E4 SECS-I (serial protocol)
  • SEMI E37 HSMS-SS (ethernet protocol)
  • SEMI E5 SECS-II (message format)
  • SEMI E30 GEM

Supported GEM services are:

  • Equipment communication state and control state
  • Process program
  • Collection event sending
  • Variable data collection
  • Status data collection
  • Remote control
  • Alarm management
  • Equipment constants
  • Equipment Terminal Services
  • Clock
  • Trace data collection
  • Limits monitoring

Agileo Automation SECS/GEM and PV2 library can be integrated directly in Agileo Automation Equipment Controller Framework  or in a third party Equipment Controller software through its COM/DCOM or .NET interfaces.

Beyond technical integration details, Agileo Automation helps its customers to understand GEM standard to adapt it to a given equipment thanks to a structured approach starting with a good understanding of the equipment.

Download Agileo Automation SECS/GEM library Datasheet.

Contact us to download a free trial version.

For a SECS/GEM presentation
, refer to this introduction.

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